BuddiHex Line Winders

New Line Winders for BuddiHex!

BuddiPole has completely redesigned their line winders for the new BuddiHex. The new ones are more than twice the size of their tradition winders and allow the wire elements and reflectors of the BuddiHex to be wound in a figure 8 pattern. This means better protection for the stranded wire antenna elements and reflectors. It also means no more fighting with annoying twists in the wires.

The larger winders makes for a more efficient use of space in the large BuddiPole carry bag that the BuddiHex ships in. Wires come off the new winders without sharp bends which allows the antenna elements to be more flat when hung under the color coded wire clips on the arms of the BuddiHex. This greatly improves the effectiveness of the antenna on each band.

Each winder holds the wires for 2 bands so we will get 3 winders to cover all 6 bands of the BuddiHex: 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, and 20m.

In this picture are pre-production winders, the shipping winders will be the same injection molded material as the BuddiHex hubs. BuddiPole designed these new winders to reduce waste by recycling the cut off material from the BuddiHex arm construction and incorporating that material into these winders. Environmentally friendly and Made in the USA!