• New Line Winders for BuddiHex!

    BuddiHex Line Winders

    BuddiPole has completely redesigned their line winders for the new BuddiHex. The new ones are more than twice the size of their tradition winders and allow the wire elements and reflectors of the BuddiHex to be wound in a figure 8 pattern. This means better protection for the stranded wire antenna elements and reflectors. It […]

  • 5 Essential Components of a Solar Powered Field Station

    WaveTalkers Solar Powered Field Station

    When setting up a solar powered field station there are 5 key components you need to make the system work. Here is the station WaveTalkers put together. Solar Panels: collects light energy from the sun and converts it to DC electrical power. We use PowerFilm Solar 60W foldable panels for this. Solar Charge Controller: takes […]

  • Icom 705 First Impressions

    Icom 705: First Impressions

    The new IC 705 arrived yesterday morning, this is a quick review of my first 24hrs with the radio. by Chris Mattia – W6AH

  • Bioenno Power for Ham Radio

    Bioenno Power for Ham Radio

    Bioenno Power LiFePO4 Batteries, Solar Panels, and Solar Charge Controllers are put to the test as a viable source of off-grid power for ham radio operators.